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1.   Pest Surveillance
     Regular field surveys.
     Fortnightly rapid roving surveys.

2.   Mass Multiplication and Field releases of Bio-control Agents

        a.     Mass multiplication of parasites and predators  in the laboratory.
     Imparting technical know-how to State extension functionaries and farmers.

3.   Conservation to maintain natural balance 

        a.   Farmers are advised to adopt such crop husbandry practices, which can preserve and conserve the crop defenders.
   Popularization of AESA (Agro-ecosystem analysis) in the seasonal crops.
   Farmers are encouraged to collect biological information with respect to the pests and defenders of their seasonal crops.

       d.   Advocacy of eco-friendly pesticides to maintain natural balance

4.   Promotion of  IPM Concept

       a. Organizing of   Farmers’ field schools on seasonal crops so that message of IPM can percolate to   the grass root level.

 Participation   in Kisan melas, local fairs, seminars etc. to promote and publicize the concept of IPM. 

       c. Organization of Farmers awareness programmes.

       d. Maintenance of effective liaison, co-ordination  with State Department of Agriculture, State  Agriculture University, Research Stations, KVKs, NGOs and other concerned  organizations.

5.   Publicity

Pamphlets, leaflets and relevant literature are prepared in local language so that the message can be conceived by the rural folk with an overwhelming response.